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I am a seasoned Creative Director and Senior Graphic Designer who lives and breathes digital marketing. With over 20 years of experience, I've crafted visually captivating solutions for top retail, healthcare, QSR, and automotive brands, skyrocketing their brand loyalty and market share to new heights.

My design philosophy orbits around the connected consumer experience, ensuring that every project resonates with the target audience and creates an unforgettable brand journey across multiple channels. I've spearheaded high-impact campaigns for giants like Caesars Entertainment, Sony Pictures, and Huawei, proving that I can deliver goods to diverse industries.

As a designer, I've mastered the art of Adobe Creative Suite, XD, MS Office applications, video editing, motion graphics, pitch decks, and presentations. My expertise spans typography, color, layout, branding, and design systems, so you can be sure I've covered all the bases.

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Designing Impactful Experiences

2023 2022 to

Eyedz9 Creative, LLC.

Creative Director / Designer / Owner

As a Freelance Creative Director and Graphic Designer, I've been the driving force behind powerful design solutions that have left a lasting impact on target audiences. My commitment to enhancing brand loyalty and increasing market share for clients has been reflected in a number of high-profile projects. From developing a comprehensive corporate branding for a New Traditional Media Company to creating an engaging social media campaign featuring Tony Hawk, I've consistently delivered work that pushes the boundaries of creativity and effectiveness. All these endeavors have resulted in tangible outcomes, such as increased brand recognition, client inquiries, and user engagement.

2022 2014 to

SITO Mobile, LTD.

Creative Director / Art Director

At SITO Mobile Ltd., I held dual roles as a Creative Director and Art Director. My tenure was marked by a relentless pursuit of creating solutions that resonated deeply with audiences, fostering brand loyalty, and driving market share growth. I had the privilege of directing high-impact digital advertising campaigns for industry giants like Caesars Entertainment and Sony Pictures, resulting in significant increases in engagement and sales. My leadership extended to a team of in-house and remote designers and coders, whom I guided in creating engaging marketing materials, websites, and digital advertising campaigns. My managerial process improvements significantly optimized workflow, allowing us to deliver multifaceted rich media mobile campaigns in half the time quoted by other agencies.

2014 2009 to

Identity Marketing Group

Creative Director / Designer

As a Partner and Creative Director at Identity Marketing Group, I expertly managed a diverse portfolio of over 20 simultaneous projects for industry-leading clients in the mobile technology and retail sectors, delivering creative solutions that drove brand recognition and market growth. Among my significant contributions was directing a comprehensive brand overhaul for Huawei, significantly improving their brand perception in the competitive mobile technology industry. I was also instrumental in executing product launch campaigns for Novatel Wireless, including print materials and tradeshow booth designs that established a solid brand presence. However, the highlight of my tenure was my extensive work with Samsung. I directed photo and video shoots, designed promotional videos, websites, and eye-catching point-of-purchase displays for Bluetooth and mobile accessories. This comprehensive marketing approach not only boosted Samsung's brand recognition but also drove significant sales in the competitive mobile technology industry.

2009 2001 to

Single Touch Interactive

Art Director / Designer

Serving as an Art Director and Lead Designer at Single Touch Interactive, I was part of a pioneering team that shaped the company's trajectory from a small start-up to a publicly-traded entity on NASDAQ. I was entrusted with the responsibility of brand development, investor presentations, pitch decks, mobile applications, and affinity-branded mobile phones. I collaborated with marquee clients such as X-Games, Mattel, TVG, and WWE, and played a key role in developing and maintaining business development efforts, managing design work, and recruiting and managing high-performance talent.

2001 1999 to

Alcone Marketing Group

Lead Designer Interactive Media

As a Graphic Designer at Alcone Marketing Group, my role quickly evolved to leading several digital promotional projects. I was responsible for crafting engaging digital promotions for iconic brands like Burger King, Butterfinger, Pernod Ricard, Universal Studios, and Foster Farms. My creative solutions significantly drove sales, increased brand awareness, and enhanced brand recognition across multiple platforms. This role allowed me to seamlessly integrate my design skills with strategic thinking, resulting in highly effective digital campaigns.


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What I do

Creative Services

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& Identity Development

Crafting visually compelling and consistent brand identities, including logo design, brand style guidelines, color schemes, and fonts, to establish a strong presence that resonates with target audiences.

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Creating visually stunning and engaging print and digital marketing materials, such as promotional campaigns, product packaging, and print ads, tailored to diverse industries and target audiences.

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Web Design

Designing user-friendly, visually appealing websites and applications that effectively communicate brand values, showcase products and services, and drive user engagement for improved online performance.

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Motion Graphics
& Video Editing

Producing dynamic and engaging video content and animations for promotional campaigns, social media, and presentations, enhancing brand storytelling and audience engagement.

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Pitch Decks
& Presentations

Developing persuasive and visually captivating pitch decks and presentations that clearly communicate project goals, brand values, and unique selling propositions to secure new business opportunities and partnerships.

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Creative Direction
& Project Management

Overseeing the entire creative process, from conceptualization to execution, while providing strategic guidance and ensuring seamless collaboration among team members to deliver high-quality, on-time creative solutions that exceed client expectations.

Premiere Pro
After Effects
Google Slides



Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working with numerous big brands, tackling a wide array of projects from eye-catching tradeshow booths to engaging digital marketing campaigns.



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